Civica Launches PlateScan in USA

Martin Alper,Chairman of Civica Software, and Vaughan Clarke of Appian Technology PLC, announced from the River Terrace at the House of Lords, London, that PlateScan the Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) technology will be exclusively distributed by Civica Software in California with immediate effect.


Sacramento PD orders Platescan to support its Stolen Vehicle Taskforce

The Sacramento PD after significant evaluation of multiple systems has selected Platescan ALPR technology.

Sacramento PD will evaluate the system in multiple deployments.



CrimeConnect, Homeland Security and the National Criminal Intelligence Sharing Plan

The Justice Department announced it is putting together a nationwide strategy to ensure that state and local authorities get access to federal law enforcement intelligence about terrorism and crime. CrimeConnect can serve this system right now.

Orange County switches on CrimeConnect

The City of Irvine Police Department in collaboration with the Integrated Law & Justice Group of Orange County and Civica's CrimeConnect have taken the system live.
CrimeConnect now enables all 22 Police Departments within Orange County to share in real time a range of Tactical Crime Information.

CrimeConnect is a secure Web-based tactical crime information sharing system that enables multiple police jurisdictions to share information such as Wanteds, Missing Persons, Sex Crime Registrants, Bulletins, etc. in a real time basis. It also enables authorized department personnel to search the tactical crime databases and selected data from the Records Management Systems of multiple jurisdictions to enhance the police officer's ability to solve crime.

Simply installed on most Web servers, CrimeConnect enables Single or Multiple jurisdictions to quickly and easily input tactical crime information into a secure central database and share that information online together with data from other sources, either within the agency or with an unlimited number of external agencies.

Each participating agency within the CrimeConnect system can separately determine which of their data can be shared with other agencies, and only they can then upload, alter, or remove that data.

This data can also be used to automatically assemble and display customized briefings, and make the briefing content available for retrieval by all law enforcement personnel 24/7, including mobile units.

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